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Is your small business visually unappealing to customers due to dirty walls and chipped off paint? Is your office building outdated in terms of style and design because of the wall and floor paint? Such circumstances call for a professional commercial painter. A great option would be Corliss Painting Inc. Our full-service company carries the best prices for the speediest completions throughout the nation.  Corliss Painting Inc stands as the industry leader for world-class commercial paintwork. Our services are backed up by more than 15 years of experience and a solid partnership with the community. Apart from commercial paintwork,  Corliss Painting Inc also caters to automotive, residential, and industrial projects. We work on projects of different scales ranging from simple fence restoration to full building paintwork.

Top notch commercial paintersCommercial painting leaves no room for guesswork. You either step up or pass the torch to someone who really knows what they’re doing. The process is also a never-ending one. As long as the business is operational, you will need periodic paintwork done to your facility to ensure it looks professional and aesthetically appealing. Engaging paint jobs for commercial facilities also entail the need for familiarity with safety protocols and preventive procedures. Hanging hundreds of feet from the ground strapped on a harness while painting the outside of a commercial facility is not even close to safe. If not done correctly, injuries may be encountered. At Corliss Painting Inc, we stand in full compliance of all regulatory procedures, codes, and standards mandated by governing authorities.

Our professional commercial painters have undergone an extensive series of training programs and classes to ensure they are physically and mentally fit for service. We encourage you to try our services today. By doing so, you can conserve resources including time and energy, resources you can delegate to more vital business operations.

Regardless of time, place, deadline, budget limit, extent of work, or special requests,  Corliss Painting Inc is certain we are the perfect team for the job. Our prices are the best bargain you can find nationwide. But our cheap rates don’t mean we also give cheap results.  Corliss Painting Inc is established for its robust, precise, and speedy paintwork. Our design team may also help you find the right style and blend of colors for your facility.

Turn your small business or massive commercial empire into an environment-friendly facility to gain more clients.  Corliss Painting Inc uses only quality, non-toxic paint that emits no carbon footprint and leaves no residue that may otherwise compromise the health and safety of your workforce. Our commercial painters are accessible all year long. We are on standby 24/7 via phone or email. Our customer service department will be more than happy to assist you with getting started on the project. Consult us today!

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