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Repainting the exterior of a residential property is definitely not a job that you can manage within a day all by yourself. If you have painted the interior of your living room, this does not make you a professional painter, and definitely does not mean that you have the skills and tools to cope with an exterior paint job. To be on the safe side and get the quality results you need, you’d better count on a professional exterior painting contractor in these cases:

  • Reliable interior and exterior painting servicesIt does no longer look as good as it did when you first moved into the property. If your exterior paint has started peeling and your walls are cracked and partially deteriorated, it is time to do some repair work. Home repainting is not as expensive as you may think, so you’d better fix the issues while they are small than wait until your facade falls off to do something about keeping it looking good.
  • Properties with 2 or more floors will cost you a bit more to get repainted because you will also have to pay for scaffolding rental.
  • The type of paint which was used is lead based. These paints were used to paint old buildings because they were believed to dry faster,be extra durable, maintain a fresh appearance, and resist moisture that causes corrosion. In 1978, this type of paint was banned for residential use by the Consumer Product Safety Commission because it contained more than 0.06% lead. This quantity is so high that it can be poisonous for both your family and people who visit your home. If you have just moved in an old property painted with lead-based paint, hurry up to contact a local exterior painting contractor and get this mistake fixed.
  • The wall colors are no longer looking fresh and the exterior design of your home does not match the other houses in the neighborhood. If you do not want to be different from your neighbors or the local codes do not allow you to, you will need to refresh and upgrade the color and design of your exterior walls. Besides the help of a painter, you may also need the assistance of a home remodeler for this job.

Those of you in need of a licensed exterior painting contractor in , can always count on the services of . To learn more about what our team of painting experts can offer you, we recommend you to call , and speak to our customer care support!

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